Avengers: Age of Ultron

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Hey, guys. long time no talk. follow me on twitter, and let’s catch up? lol i’ll follow you back too because why not


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I Was Watching The Men Synchro When My Dad Walked In

okay like i made this post two years ago when i was like fifteen as a joke what are you guys doing lol

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how many times do you think cap visited peggy at the nursing home in the past three years? once a year, a month, a week? he could go see her every single day but each would probably be the first for her because she’d just keep forgetting. everyday she’d be like “steve, it’s you! you came back” and he’d look at her with the same loving eyes and say something about her being his best girl.. ugh i can actually feel my heart breaking into a million pieces

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Gus Kenworthy + Miley Cyrus (Requested)

All these opens and invitationals are seriously doing wonders for my olympic withdrawals lolol

D’awh, the ski hunks! Dammit, they’re so nice.

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Do u have the link to the david letterman interview with nick gus and joss srrt i cant find it xoxo

There was a video on youtube, but it appears that they’ve taken it down! and it’s too long for me to upload on here, sorry..

Check out Best Week Ever this Friday night (3/07/14) with special guest, Olympic Silver Medalist, Gus Kenworthy!

Click here

If joss has never worn a suit before, does that mean he never went to like.. his high school prom or like any dance.. because my senior prom happens to be coming up soon.. and well.. *wink wink*

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Your blog is adorable firstly! Do you happen to have the link or video to Gus rapping Aaron's party? Thank you!

Hahahah, thank you so much! here you go

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which magazine were the boys in?

They were in last weeks issue of us weekly and gus was in last week’s of people, if that’s what you’re referring to? and apparently they were gonna be in this month’s issue of rolling stone? but i honestly haven’t heard anything on it since they announced their photoshoot

For anon who requested, a team usa men’s slopestyle themed collage header. idc if you use this or change the filter to match your page and stuff, just simply like this post if you take, okay? coooolio