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I am just one of many actors that you have worked with and you have changed their lives and I am just one of the millions of people around the world that will forever miss you. Rest in peace, Robin. See you in Neverland. – Dante Basco, Rufio (Hook)

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Anonymous asked: Can you make a gifset out of that one scene in OUAT where Peter Pan makes Rumple crap his pants?

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Avengers: Age of Ultron

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I Was Watching The Men Synchro When My Dad Walked In

okay like i made this post two years ago when i was like fifteen as a joke what are you guys doing lol

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how many times do you think cap visited peggy at the nursing home in the past three years? once a year, a month, a week? he could go see her every single day but each would probably be the first for her because she’d just keep forgetting. everyday she’d be like “steve, it’s you! you came back” and he’d look at her with the same loving eyes and say something about her being his best girl.. ugh i can actually feel my heart breaking into a million pieces

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Gus Kenworthy + Miley Cyrus (Requested)

All these opens and invitationals are seriously doing wonders for my olympic withdrawals lolol

D’awh, the ski hunks! Dammit, they’re so nice.

Anonymous was like:
Do u have the link to the david letterman interview with nick gus and joss srrt i cant find it xoxo

There was a video on youtube, but it appears that they’ve taken it down! and it’s too long for me to upload on here, sorry..

Check out Best Week Ever this Friday night (3/07/14) with special guest, Olympic Silver Medalist, Gus Kenworthy!

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